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Fruitful Day!

1Today was a fruitful day!  We met with the Vice-Mayor of Khargalyk in an effort to help our friends who are building the Christian Camp / Rehab Center just north of us.

Then, we drove directly to an impromptu meeting with our own Mayor.  He agreed to host another Skype Video Conference Call with Kilgore, our Texas sister city.   We’ll be lining up the dates and agenda soon and hope to host possibly as soon as next week.

After this we hosted at the Cafe a Summer Youth Outreach planning meeting.  Zhenya and his team from Kiev, some of whom plan to live at the new Camp once housing goes up, joined as well as representatives from the 3 local churches here in Rz.  It was encouraging to listen to a fully Ukrainian led meeting, even though I didn’t understand half of it.

There will be a week long ‘event’ in our town that consists of morning kids club, afternoon games, and evening young adult concerts through the week (with gospel presented).  The mayor is totally on board, and wants to help provide anything they can to support.  In addition the Mayor wants to help create some follow up clubs or sponsored activities that continue to promote Christian values.

It’s a very open time right now.  Economically the country and local communities have always been ‘open’ to things if you pay for them.  They have very little options to fund events of any kind.  However, right now, with the ‘purging’ of corrupt government and the ‘shedding off’ of that image it feels as though the opportunities have ripened even more.

May the Lord continue to lift up a witness, which would grow in consistency, and effectiveness for His Kingdom here.  We believe the Lighthouse Cafe will be a rallying point regionally for contemporary creative evangelism and fellowship.   Pray this thing will open soon, we’re pushing on as much as we can humanly.. the rest, we give to Him!

Bruce & Deb

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  1. mom

    what an encouraging update, we will be praying for all the activities in the works and for the people and funds to come in to carry them out…

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