As most of the western media focuses on Crimea, streams of Russian citizens are entering the East of Ukraine.  This is only going to further confuse and escalate the challenges ahead.  You’d think we’d have some sort of satellite we could access – Google Maps needs a ‘live’ feature.   Scratch that, bad idea!

Southeastern Ukraine invaded by pro-Russian protesters 2014-03-06 23-34-45

The sheer amount of news and perspectives involved in this conflict is exhausting, at least to me.  The moment you think you have at least a decent grip on the situation, you wake up to more news and have to start your own personal analysis all over!

I’ve been energized with fresh motivation to improve my Russian language this past month.  Heading into the new year this was already a focus, but by the grace of God this past Feb I have been able to focus and pour myself into more serious learning.   I’ve probably studied on average 20hrs per week, like a real student should!   Very thankful to the Lord for this opportunity – in some ways thankful too that the Cafe hasn’t been opened just for this focus.

We are still awaiting our Russian Visa invitations which I’m told can take up to 20 days.   I’m starting to wonder if we’ll have them in time to process the visas and travel to Rostov-a-Don but we give this to the Lord.   In the meantime also studying in preparation for teaching 1 Corinthians to the YWAM school.

I think it’s important that we remember an entire nation is not exclusively represented by it’s leader and the media they control.  This is true in a democracy, and emphatically so in a controlled dictatorship.   God has given His Son for the world – and all those that traverse through it’s many cultures, languages and era’s.  One nation or people are not labelled as evil, or unworthy of the gospel – we are all equally deserving of that label but for the mercy of God.

May God help us believers, from the east and the west, to remember who the real enemy is.  Our enemy is alive and working in every nation, corrupting, dividing, and misleading.  Jesus Christ is the answer for the nations, no matter how this situation unfolds.  I have a feeling it is only just starting to unfold – so all the more our hearts and prayers need to be fixed on eternal things.

Bruce & Deb