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With the political situation heating up in Crimea, I though it would be helpful to map a few things out – at least in general.

I think the tensions will remain high and potentially remain unstable for quite some time in the south of Ukraine.  The history of Crimea in particular is fascinating and Russia’s influence very powerful.

While West of Ukraine is announcing victories and clamoring for a sense of national unity for the ‘whole’ of Ukraine, the South and East of Ukraine is much more skeptical and denouncing the recent activities in Kiev.

I am attempting next week to get visas for Rostov-a-Don, Russia (noted in the map) – We aren’t sure who will go with me just yet.

The gas company has promised some ‘results’ for this coming Monday, March 3.  We shall keep you posted!  In the meantime I have some electric heaters going on the first floor and hope to begin restoring the Cafe from it’s winter slumber – we have some broken pipes from the frozen water to repair, and coffee to start brewing again!


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  1. mom

    Thanks Bruce,
    Ukraine is heading the news more and more.I may have to go over there.We would go crazy with worry if fighting started.Now i know why everyone has strong fences around their homes and big thick heavy doors,there.
    Love Dad

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