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In the past 48hrs we’ve witnessed what a fierce, fed up national can do when it’s continually abused, stolen from, and murdered by it’s own government.   There’s no amount of writing that can fully encapsulate the complicated events of the past 3 months in Ukraine.

We’ve witnessed the liberating power and uncontrolled nature of social media.  Twenty years ago the acting government could and most likely would have used fierce and swift force to deal a death blow to the initial uprising.  However, this time armed with live feeds on YouTube, journalists from all over the world tweeting pieces of the truth, the old school propaganda machine met its match.

As I write this, the government can’t find the President.  Rumors of his resignation have been reported and Maiden continues to be occupied by battle hardened civilians who will not accept anything less.  The parliament has been meeting through-out the day dismantling Yanukovych’s self-granted powers.  You can hardly keep up to the speed at which things are happening, it’s dizzying and would have to be a full time job to keep up with.

I’m hesitant to believe that our neighbors to the East are going to sit back and accept these decisions.  If not military, there will be economic reactions (nothing new to Ukraine).

Regardless, we are thankful that the tension from this week, which made its way to our small town in the form of barricades and protests against our Mayor, has at least temporarily subsided.  The nation mourns the loss of life in what they believe was the cost for ousting the President and the oligarch regime he represented.

Whether he returns with force somehow, or has truly resigned, there is a strong confidence in the people that going back is not an option.   I’m quite amazed at this confidence, the nation woke up to the reality they never had democracy in the first place – it was merely a copy or shadow of the real thing.  I hope they achieve it, but it’s not over by a long shot.

We were able to meet yesterday for prayer with about 20-25 in the center.  It was much shorter of a prayer time than I had hoped, but we prayed.  If things do change for the better in this country, my prayer is that the gospel will flourish.  If things continue towards economic collapse, or meander in political confusion, I hope the church will be the light it can and should be.  Either way, the answer for the hope of all mankind remains the Cross of Jesus Christ.

Thank you for the prayer,