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photo 1Our family has received word last week that our Ukrainian Permanent Residency documents have finally processed, and are approved for Deb and the kids.   This means that when we should have them all in hand this February.  We’ll no longer need to exit/enter the country based on the changing visa laws, save on the travel and visa costs, and generally save a lot of time and frustration dealing with the government.   Thankful for all the people who have helped the past few years, including Svetlana, and most recently Natasha.  These documents are no small miracle for our family.

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Enjoyed reconnecting with Chris Bennett – college buddy, in my wedding – haven’t seen for 19yrs!

We still don’t have gas or heat at the Cafe.  It sits frozen and empty in the middle of our town.  Nor do we have any promise or expectation that it will be turned on anytime soon.  We’ve paid the fees (over $4,000), signed the documents, and wait.  We call regularly, but are given little to no information why we have now waited over 3 months.   The small programming office we had functioning on the 2nd floor has been displaced – currently using my house as headquarters.

Our little Abbey was a joy this Christmas.

Our little Abbey was a joy this Christmas.

I spoke with Natasha this weekend, and she informs me that the town council finally met and approved (after several mishaps intentional or not) our business permit.  She received a call on Dec 31st that it was ready for pick up.  We provided some chocolate and chamgpaine (cultural combo at New Years) in appreciation of the results, to which they were thrilled.  They then asked us when we will open as one of the ladies wants to host a birthday party for their child.

We return January 15th.  Time has flown by, but we are thankful for my parents, and family in the area reminding us how blessed we are in several countries.

Thanks for checking in.  We’ll be updating with more soon after we return to Ukraine next week.  We appreciate and covet your prayer support over the next few weeks as we transition back, logistics, travel etc.

Bruce & Deb Crowe

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  1. Chris Bennett

    Bruce, it was GREAT seeing you again! Praying for you, Deb, and the kids way over there in Ukraine. Btw, thanks for selecting the most unflattering picture of me ever. 🙂

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