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Today marks a big day in our small town!

We have a grocery store (Fora)!  It’s not large by western standards, but it’s new, clean, and has 3 isles!  A TV crew from Kiev came down to shoot the festivities.   Clark and I were able to quickly stroll around isles and snap a few pictures.  It may not seem like much to our readers, but this represents less trips to Kiev for essentials (3hrs driving), and with winter coming that some serious time saving for many families in Rz.









Amazed by the selection of raw juicy fish.

Amazed by the selection of raw juicy fish.


  1. Merryl Squair

    This is wonderful news for your little town, plus it looks quite well stocked.

  2. mom

    wow that’s wonderful, that will be great for you guys (and me:-) you’ll be the best customers! hopefully its stays that well stocked… I feel the same way clark…

  3. lorrie

    I’m sure its better than our city grocery store, urban fare, where
    I had to pay $1 a potato last week:)

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