In two weeks, Deb and I will be flying to Texas.   We’ll meet up with Broderic for his DL test, visit friends, church and work and then zip back a week later.  The kids are starting school next week.  Broderic, Bronywn and Brent will be homeschooling this year, and the rest of the crew (minus Abbey) will be going back to their Ukrainian primary school.

photo-3The summer flew by.  The temperatures have just dropped this week, leaves starting to turn, and reminding us that a long winter looms.  We’re racing to finish the deck outside on the Cafe, and final trim work in the kitchen.  Still waiting on documents, can’t legally operate (take money!) but we have been open most days, entertaining guests who want to checkphoto out the best coffee in town.

photo-1Our development office on the 2nd floor is progressing.  We’re working on our first app, a prototype for a church that we hope will go places – more on that later.   I was discouraged a few days ago contemplating how ridiculous this wait has been on the Cafe – we’ve been waiting over 4 months on ONE document that was supposed to take 2 weeks.  We still have one more ‘2 week’ document after this one.  Anyway, my discouragement was soon replaced by optimism as, I believe, the Lord directed my thoughts to what we’ve been able to redeem in this time.   A development office is now up and running, and Lord willing, will infuse some financial help to aid the ministry and the Cafe.  Had we started the Cafe 6 months ago, I don’t know that I would have been able to do this.   A few years from now, who knows how important this ‘waiting period’ could become in the history of generating resources for the work ahead.

photo-4Deb turned 40 yesterday.  I am amazed.  Amazed at the fleeting nature of time as we age.  Amazed that she looks so young to me – 40 used to be old!  Do our eyes deceive us?  Are we oblivious to our, and our spouses aging?  Do we wake up one day and think, ‘wow, I’m really old!”  I feel 20, I feel like I’m married to a 20yr old.. how can we be twice that already..  I digress.

What would do without our spouses?  I wouldn’t want to do my life without this girl.



Please pray for a few things with us, if you have some time:

– Documents.

– Vlad.  we’re hearing some rumblings of some opportunities again for early release.

– College student Yura.  Yesterday was able to share several challenging things with him – time for him to surrender his life to the Lord – he’s resisting, and yet loves hanging around Christians and has been loved back by many.  There comes a point where God’s calling/drawing must be responded to, pray Yura doesn’t reject those opportunities.

– My business (Cypress).  We’re undergoing several changes, personnel and attempts to become more competitive.  We need to see some things happen pretty quickly.


– Charles, our St. Bernard.  Not asking you pray for him, but for wisdom and options.  He’s been a great dog for our family, but he’s too often mean to others and too protective of our yard.  We’ve done everything we can think of – we’d love to give him away but he eats more than most Ukrainian families.

Bruce & Deb