I’d like to say the road is nice,
Filled with treasures and tasty spice.
It that were true, I’d be lost,
For the road I’m on is covered in dross.

This world is broken, slipping and bent,
Its made for hard going, the places I’ve went.
I’d like to say that things will pick up,
That the wind will start blowing and you’ll catchup.

But the honest to goodness truth of it all,
Is that we’re meant for more, more than the fall.
If God is our purpose, and we know this is true,
He’ll grant us the courage and strength to pursue.

To push through the maze of falsehood and strife,
To aim our gaze towards eternal life.
To live beyond the glitter of now,
Take courage my friend, you’ve been shown how.

I’d like to say the road is nice.