2009 Recap


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Crowes.

We’re thankful to our God this year for:

– our health; no hospital visits required for the 8 of us!
– our home; besides our own use, it’s continually used for ministry.
– our new friends; growing closer in christian ‘community.’.
– our old friends; for the emotional and spiritual support. 
– our kids; a challenge, give perspective, teaching us, blessing indeed.
– our marriage; undoubtedly the most difficult in 15, refining!
– our ministry; natural, rewarding, a privilege.
– our home church; thank you CCC for your commitment to our family.
– our business; the team at Cypress Interactive for dedication.
– our town; leadership that seems to elevate ethics over personal gain.
– our God; for making an event over 2000 yrs ago a present day reality.

May our year together in 2010 be one of joy in Christ and productivity in His Kingdom wherever we live, move and have our being!


Bruce & Deb

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