Stories in the Missional Journey of Bruce & Deborah Crowe

skating ukraineThis Sunday we had fun with the kids from Kuzmenci (above).  For some their first time on skates.  The 3rd one over, tall boy wearing black is Nikita.  Four yrs ago he stole Brent’s bike and then broke into our house and took other things.  We have a special bond now, so much in common!  It was neat to bring him into our house as a guest and friend.   The last time he was here Deb was chasing them out of the kids room window.  His dad is in and out of jail, and mother not caring for him.  He’s spent most of his life in and out of the government orphanage/fostering system.  The two girls in the pink coats are super sweet.  One of the girls (on Bron’s right) is Ira, she’s full of sparkle.  I’ve met her mom now twice.  She has substance abuse issues and her parental right taken away.  Pray for her Mom, her name is Alyona.

girl1girl2Our little Abbey enjoying something.  I have no idea who gave her the ‘something’, or who took the picture.  I’m pretty sure it wasn’t Deb.  She has 5 brothers and a sister (and a dad) that enjoy giving her little treats – who wouldn’t?!   She’s 10 months now, crawling finally and starting to play with Noah a bit. {update, I guess I gave her the cookie, and Deb took the picture}.

winterWinter has swung back in full force.  We got hit with more storm today.  I found myself singing Christmas carols – Even Noah today asked, “Why is Christmas back?”  It’s absolutely gorgeous outside, a winter wonderland and quite fun to drive as long as you aren’t in a rush.   The only problem with the snow is keeping the rink shoveled.  We are doing it in shifts.

I’ve included a quick video for Jon and Ruth, Jono, Gaven, anyone else that knows our little town and has driven up this fun hill in the winter!  I’m thankful daily for 4-wheel drive.

Quick Cafe Update!

  • $3,000 was donated to help towards remaining documents!  Everything is moving again.
  • We have been told about 7 weeks until property and permits are complete.
  • Gas documents are progressing again thankfully!
  • Feb hope to purchase flooring for upstairs classrooms/office area.

Looking at possibly going to Texas with Broderic in March to get his Learners/Beginners Driver’s License.  My boy is growing up!  This Fall we hope to get his full license.. just in time for winter.  We will seriously enjoy the extra help driving kids to school and running errands in general.  Have to get him an old Lada.

We’re trying to increase our Russian learning speed-  This week Masha is coming up for Coffee and some grammar help!   Praying quite a bit about the start of a new ministry in our town/area centered around discipleship.  We’re in touch with Bo and our home church Crossroads (Texas) about this and seeking for God’s direction and timing.  Join us please in prayer about this major shift and directional decision for our family long term.

Thanks for checking in!

Bruce & Deb


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  1. Jono

    I don’t miss driving up that hill – or rather not driving up that hill and sliding down it in the van. I do miss so much about Rzhyshchiv though. It is a great testimony to see the ongoing relationship with the young boys who started out as trouble makers.

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