Tucker has a soft spot for animals and has become Charlie's favorite I think.

Thought some of you might find this little e-blast (fancy word for marketing emails) interesting.  I appreciate these guys immensely, knocking out amazing work for businesses, cities and ministries around the US and Canada.

Shane & Jememah led a Christmas Dinner Outreach to the students from the 14th Technicum this past week. Over 60 students came out as well as some adults.

Alyosha helping me pump out the water from heated flooring at Cafe since we had gas shut off this week. Now we aren't as concerned about the dropping temps.

New board/switches all ready to go once we get the 'go ahead' on document process.

Thanks for checking in! We’re about to pick up Cassie from the airport tonight, she’ll be in for a few days en route to Texas after a semester in Kyrgyzstan. Some of us not feeling 100%. Remember us in prayer this week as we wrap up planning for 21st Outreach at our kids school in Kuzmenci. Also for safety on the roads as we’ll be traveling a bit this week and they are incredibly icy.


Bruce & Deb
Missionaries | Rzhyshchiv, Ukraine