At the new Ocean Plaza in Kiev - where KFC is coming in a few weeks!

Well winter has arrived!

This week was a challenging one.  Several intense meetings, ones that required a lot of prayer and self examination.  Thankful for the mercy of God, and that he can take difficult situations and redeem them for our good.

We also hired a company to handle our remaining property documentation on the Cafe.  After finding out just how complicated and potentially dangerous it may be to attempt them on our own (dangerous = grey areas of Ukrainian law = fines) we decided it best to outsource it.  There is no such thing as a clear direct path in these matters, especially for private business which is almost non-existent in smaller communities.

The good news is that I really like these guys, and they’ve been measuring and drawing up the documents already.  The bad news is that it’s going to cost us between $5-7k to complete this whole process and open the business still.  Discouraging, but we keep moving forward and trusting that God is with us.

Additionally, it will take up to 2 months more before we can sell anything in the Cafe.  So for now, we’ll continue using it for events and build more relationships in the community.  We have 4 events scheduled so far in it this December including bringing the kids from Kuzmenci this Saturday for bingo and cookie decorations:)  Our banner continues to hang out front saying, ‘opening soon!’ which continues to drive everyone bananas here.  They want to know WHEN WILL IT OPEN!???  So do we:)

We’re getting ready for our Christmas outreach in a few weeks.  Vova and Natasha our friends from another church are helping us.  They have taken the funds we raised through Crossroads and facebook and purchased the gifts, and we should be receiving the Children’s Storybook Bibles in the next week.  Tomorrow we’re cutting and editing the final audio for the puppet show.  It’s going to be cool!

We’ve also together raised $350 towards Vlad’s family for Christmas.

December has snuck up on us.  Is snuck a word?  It feels as though it’s the busiest time of year doesn’t it?  Should be the opposite.  From business, to friends and family coming in and out, to the needs around us.  We’re supposed to celebrate the coming of the Prince of Peace, yet I wonder how many have any.   Most of you that read our blog have this peace that overcomes the world (John 16:33).  In Him, as our mediator, our intercessor, our atonement.  I like the fluffy side of the Christmas season, the warm lighting, the cheery music and of course the little munchkins in their jammies.  I don’t find any peace in it though.  That only comes through Jesus himself, who reconciled us to God.  He makes all things enjoyable, start with a peace-filled heart, that’s my goal this Christmas season.

Thanks for checking in and your amazing support!

Bruce & Deb