Name: Ruslan

Situation: Father deceased.  Mother only living relative.  Mother leaves him at the orphanage most weeks because the only job she can get is 60km away.  If she can afford the transportation, she comes back on the weekends and picks him up.  She loves her son and is doing her best.  We can tell her heart is crushed every time she has to leave him.

Pray for Ruslan and his mother.  Pray that God would give her a closer job, and that their hearts would turn to Him for provision.

Deb had the idea of posting some short bio’s on some of the kids we are ministering to weekly at our boys school.  There are so many difficult situations.  When we post that we’re wanting to raise $500 to buy kids a gift, it’s hard to identify with the impact our love and little presents truly have on them unless you know more background.   If you can’t give, you can pray!

Bruce & Deborah Crowe
Missionaries | Ukraine

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  1. dorothy crowe says:

    what a wonderful idea, we need to see these little faces and be reminded why we’re here and blessed with so much.

  2. Dana Huber says:

    yes, thank you for sharing about these precious kiddos.

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