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We’ve been wanting to snap some fall photos for weeks.  The leaves are almost completely fallen and we think we’ll get snow soon.  This afternoon, with about 30 minutes to spare in between things, we raced into our forest toting kids and camera.

I love this woman!!

With the camera set to timer, it took a few times to get a decent shot. Noah didn't get the memo to smile, cracker jack.

My three girls! This is in the woods next to our house.

Tomorrow I’m off to Bucha, west of Kiev to deliver some of the kids from the local orphanage to a ‘rest camp’.  I don’t like how the government displaces kids from one spot to the next, just when the kids get settled.

Bought final pieces of counter-top for the Cafe yesterday.  Ordering a dishwasher this week hopefully, then final tables and chairs.  The ones we bought last week are assembled and look great!! Pictures coming soon.

Heard today that my Permanent Residence might be available this Friday!  This would be the biggest news of the year.. well besides Abbey!  We’ve been really in a pickle with documents, my truck, and Deb’s visa situation because I haven’t been able to leave the country as we’ve waited, and waited for the past 6 months.  There will be some serious celebrating this Friday if this truly happens, but I’m not getting my hopes up just yet!

Looking forward to sharing more about the Lighthouse Cafe and plans to start a new discipleship/missions ministry here in Ukraine soon.  God has been re-inspiring some of the original things He put on our hearts years ago, we’re entering another phase in our journey.  Please pray for us as we continue to seek God for wisdom and vision.

Bruce & Deborah Crowe

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  1. dorothy crowe

    what a beautiful family, if only noah wasn’t in pain:) your “girls” are all so pretty!
    Let us know the minute you get your residencey, I thought you were so close when I was over there in Sept????

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