If you have a few minutes, I recommend watching this. We’ve enjoyed the ministry of Ray Comfort since his Hell’s Best Kept Secret days. He’s taken an awful public beating over the years with his stance on Creationism, and now Human Rights. This is a refreshing angle and format to help us all re-think the value of human life, and our own moral framework… I think it would be a tremendous tool if translated into Russian or other languages where Hitler actually did most of his damage.

We are all doing great. Noah is fully back to normal, Deb is getting a cute little belly and the weather has been wonderfully brisk and fall-ish. The cafe continues to progress, though I’ve been too busy to make it down to help for a couple of weeks. We’re going to be needing materials for kitchen and tables/chairs in the next month, but still have everything we need for today, God is good.

Thank you for stopping in and any prayers sent this way. We appreciate our friends and was great to see everyone at Crossroads this past Sunday!

Bruce & Deb
Rzhyschiv, Ukraine