Deb with her crazy boys

Life is hectic and full of challenges!  Quick update on life over here in Ukraine, this will sound a bit negative but not meant to be.. it’s what’s going on and where the Lord is helping us along!

– Mold problems in our basement from all the rain, trying to salvage rugs, putting in more drains, redoing sheetrock.

– Fire inspector trying to charge us $2k for his approval on cafe (includes some special paint and a buzzer that rings the local truck in case of fire).

– Several other document ‘issue’s’ working through including registering the business property as an investment, changing project for gas from private to business, electric from private to business, and Svetlana continues to work away at them as well as Alyosha.

– Van was rear ended this week, Tom is getting all insurance things together and attempting to process, think America x 10 the process and no guarantees even if other guys fault).

– Group coming in less than a week.  Materials mostly in place, look forward to a great productive and spiritually fruitful week with these New YOAHKers from Times Square Church.

Corn is coming along nicely, Deb waving for me!

– Wonderful times of Bible Study each week, teaching through gospel of John, 4 weeks in, good amount of Ukrainians coming.  I’m personally learning a lot as I prepare weekly.

– Leadership team here is working on a fall student outreach plan, it’s cool to see the desire and energy to work together strategically to ministry on a number of levels.  We want to provide a welcome packet for incoming students, and start building relationships sooner than later, as well as clearly communicate opportunities for them to grow and take the next step in their faith.  Pray for that, it’s a lot of planning and organization, and we’ll need some funding for the packets and events we hope to host.

– Hoping and praying my drivers license (and debs) make it before they expire in less than a month.  Mine was delayed by mail and a lot hinges on me getting that thing soon (registration of vehicle here, not to mention ability to drive).

– Got my medical information back from the Dr’s for my resident application.  I opened the sealed envelope in front of the secretary at the hospital and she almost fainted.. “Sir, I don’t think you were supposed to open that.”  I guess the patient is not approved to know his own health, I couldn’t understand it anyway, but I did get a lot of stamps so that must be good right?

– Crazy truck (my Toyota) has gone in for what I thought was a minor repair now 4 times in less than a month.  A quiet clinking noise from the front right tire, pretty easy to fix I thought.. Well, $1000 later, I’m about to take it back yet again because now the left tire is clinking, and loudly this time… Just another ‘waste of time and money’ thing that is frustrating with lots of other stuff going on, but I haven’t choked anyone yet 😉  Let patience have it’s perfect work, and God please fix my wheel!!!

– Broderic is off in Kiev staying at a friends house he met from camp.  His voice is changing, soon he’ll answer the phone and I won’t think it’s Deb!  Brent is currently taking over the ‘sounds like Deb’ on the phone, the other day I called him babe.. he wasn’t took impressed I thought he was my wife:)

Bruce & Deb