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Noah's Beach Birthday Party

This morning we jumped in the van and went down to the beach to celebrate Noah’s 4th birthday.  It was the first time we ventured into the Dnepr this year.  It’s not too dirty (yet), and still pretty cold.  It’s great to have this little beach within minutes of the house, even if older people bath in the river sometimes and instead of swimsuits, wear their underwear!

My right (and left) hand, Alyosha

Here’s a picture of Alyosha.  He’s been working with us on construction projects since we moved here.  We’re on our 5th project now, the Cafe, and Alyosha researches and buys all our materials, as well as oversees construction daily.  He’s a good friend to the family now and the kids enjoy seeing him.  His wife Oxana loves to paint and can be found up at Neils in his studio often.   They don’t fellowship with on Sunday’s, but come to many different outreaches / events.

We received $2500 from Crossroads toward the Cafe this week!  We don’t know who gave, but we thank God for the funds, we need them as we’ve been going week to week hoping for an infusion of cash to buy some larger materials.   We’re going to be framing up the kitchen counters soon, as well as installing all the electrical now that the floors are complete.  We need around $20k more toward materials I suspect to finish the downstairs enough to open.

Please continue to pray for Dan.  Tomorrow he goes to Kiev to see some more doctors and they are having to make some tough decisions regarding surgery potentially.  Thankfully his health seems to have returned along with his speech returning to normal.  Pray for his wife Priscilla, who is carrying a lot on her shoulders through this.

I thought this little video was a cute ‘insider’ look of the life of Noah (shot by Brent, somehow on my phone.. they must have cracked my password!).  Noah is rarely found out of character.. I think he’s being Sonic here.

Thanks for checking in,

Bruce & Deb

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  1. mom

    so enjoy the updates, keep them up, what happened with the little guy (thief) have you kept track of him?? give the boys a camera, there movies would be very interesting!

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