A happy 11th birthday to Brent! All week I thought he was turning 12 so I’m delighted to get that year back. We’re very proud of him. He’s had the most challenging of the three entering Ukrainian public school this year. His attitude has been sensational in light of the language barrier and challenges with his math. We celebrated tonight, my Mom is in town and treating us to daily meals, cleaning and watching Abbey.

This morning we had our monthly men’s breakfast at the Cafe. We then headed to the boys school where we played with some of the kids staying there. We’re trying to not call them orphans, because they legally aren’t. However if they do have a living parent, they have been stripped of their legal rights and are in a government program. There are a few kids there that might as well be orphans, the parents make little effort to visit, and are in no shape to provide care. The challenge for these particular kids is that they are only permitted to stay at this local ‘orphanage’ for 1yr, and then if their family situation doesn’t meet the requirements, they will be shipped off to a full orphanage where their hopes of a healthy life greatly diminish.

Us after Russian Classes - thankful for our teacher!!

I’m proud of my daughter Bronwyn who has been a big sister to a few of the younger girls. Their eyes light up when they see her, and give her hugs. They’ve been making beads and crafts. We’ve been playing road hockey, these little Ukrainians make for some good hockey players. My boys play as well so we have a full out game. We furnished some of the kids in need with shoes, and the remaining we donated the rest of the money supplied from last month for those still lacking. We really like the director and her assistant and the relationship there is key to the liberty to love these kids and invest into them.

Pricing out the options in Kiev for dishes

Tomorrow we get to Skype our church family at Crossroads. It’s a monthly blessing to see old (cough) faces and enjoy a few minutes with them over the big screens. This Skype we’ll be doing from the Cafe! We’re going to show folks around and have a few friends that we’re serving with there too. We’ve raised about $3,200 so far on the Tables & Chairs and this week met with the local guy who is going to help us get those in place. Our goal is $4,000 so we’re very thankful to be so close! The next thing to raise is kitchen supplies, cutlery, dishes, cups.. we need $2,000 for this, then we’ll have everything in place to open except for some documents which we’re told should be 1-2 months. We still could open before the end of the year, that’s our goal at this point.

It’s starting to get chilly!  We’re trying to winterize ahead of time this year.  Tucker here is cleaning windows, you can see our new exterior insulation/rendered.. we finished one wall on our house this fall.. the cold side.  Hope it helps!

Thanks for checking in!

Bruce & Deborah