Live Stream & Lit Update!

Join LIVE from your mobile device or laptop!

Date: Feb 20 & 21
Local Time: 6-9pm
[10am EDT |  9am CST ]

Our prayer is that the evening will encourage not only those in attendance but all that click and join!  It’s always amazing to worship in multiple languages and get perspective on the depth and diversity in the Kingdom.

Plus, you can see a neat mix of American (Collins, Bronwyn, Charisah), Belorussian (Yan, Alina and band), and new Russian worship bands.  I’m not 100% sure of the quality, but I’m told we will have 3-camera switching, so I’m hopeful it will be a neat experience.

If you do see us sharing live on social media, please help us share the links around on Tuesday and Wednesday night!

To connect, visit here

On social media we have several videos and testimony type spots circulating.  You may or may not see them in English world, here’s a taste – practice your Russian!

Please pray for our artists, travel and logistics (one has already missed a flight), favor in Russia, unity among all believers and most of all, that the Holy Spirit will inflame the hearts of all.

Through the generosity of our donors, this event is 100% free for those attending.  We’re still short on our fundraising goal, contact me if you’d like to know more, or donate directly here if you feel led.  Thank you!

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Family Update & Prayer Requests

Thankful tonight as we make final preparations for St. Petersburg.. t-minus 8 days! If you haven’t checked out our new website, take a peak in English or Russian –  Shout out to Vova, and Sveta for their fast work!  Social media is active, posters up this week on Nevski Prospect.

Thankful for the amazing creative people serving around us, and new friends we’re meeting it seems weekly.  It takes a wild variety of talent to bring ideas to reality, then to sustain and grow them.

Always enjoy having Steiger crew visit. This band of youth is hard to keep up with, they move quickly and even beginning to send Ukrainians into other countries on mission.

The process of stepping out in faith is not without challenges, but it can be so fun too!  Especially when things connect and a community begins to evolve.

We’re told the crew in St. Petersburg for example, which has been put together through just two exploratory trips led by Peter in Minsk, are united, hungry for more projects and come from a variety of creative and professional media backgrounds.

I haven’t been writing too much lately about specific challenges, but there are plenty. Been focusing more on positive things partly because I still feel like I’m in Belarus and the sense of caution that comes with writing within a totalitarian environment. It really has an effect!

I also recognize how many challenges our friends and supporters face as well, often much more burdensome than my own.  I read on facebook how some of you have lost a loved one, another sick in hospital, or been out of work forever.  I happen to have a blog and live in Ukraine – that doesn’t make my challenges heavier than yours.

Yet, we are living in a suffering culture, and bringing me back to reality tonight was a drunk fellow who decided to pay our Cafe a visit.  He wouldn’t leave, then demanded to see the manager. I happened to be there, and we talked for 30 minutes. Pray for him, his name is Yura, 50 yrs old, husband, father. The bottle is the answer to the sorrows of men here, and this new generation must experience the love of God to escape this pattern.

Oh, someone spray painted a satanic symbol on the side of our cafe. It’s not that noticeable, sort of made me chuckle and if anything, a bit encouraged by it.

With more travel, responsibility for teams and a growing ministry comes increased financial weight on our family. This past year I sold my business, and was able to become free of all debt, not to mention the stress related – thank you Jesus!  It was an amazing ride owning and running a business from across the world, but it was time to close that chapter.  We no longer have the flexibility we had and rely exclusively on your generosity to keep moving forward – a huge thank you for past, present and future gifts.

Been a while since I updated on our family.  It was my intention of this blog, because they are growing up too fast!

So… rapid fire update on the kids if you don’t mind!

Fun visit to Renewal Center with our YFM girls. They plan to host some fun events with the kids this month.

Broderic our eldest is in Canada, about to drive down to his new job in Florida with his Uncle’s new business.  Was really cool having him with us for YFM fall semester.  Too many girls in the program, he got out of dodge and plans to pursue his degree in the fall.

Bronywn is in Austria tonight leading worship.  She went to a YWAM friend this week and I hear having a blast. Yes Bronwyn, you have to come back, we going to St. Pete!

Brent and Tucker are making progress with their homeschooling – even if Brent’s time is mostly spent on his online driving course (when he’s not doing pull-ups).  They both eat too much.  We’re realizing we were too relaxed with our oldest two academically, so trying to improve their trajectory.  Not easy (on us or them!)… This is another reason to have lots of kids.

We are loving Wednesday nights again. This month theme, “Living Life to the Max.” How Christ is the beginning and way to true life.

Clark and Noah are homeschooling for the first time.  They spent the previous 5 years in Ukrainian school.  It was a good experience, but it’s time they jumped into western academics to get on pace.

Abbey and Claire should be our grandkids, but their not.  We feel it on most days – way too much energy for the amount we have to offer.  They are nightly entertainment and terrific dancers.

Deb.  She has succeeded to train each of her kids to massage feet, head, arms.. we even have a massage table setup in the living room and homemade timed coupons are often the gift of choice in our family.  A true test of her motherhood skills lies in the adoration of her kids.  I simply love how much her kids love her.

Visited Eagle’s Church in Kiev this weekend. It’s only 2yrs old, and building a good reputation among the next generation. Pastor is from Kazakhstan, quite a character.

She’s putting these quotes up in the kitchen all the time, they are fresh reminders of grace, of unwavering and exuberant love in Christ. I’ve watched her grow in the very things she promotes – the girl encourages those around her to find rest in Jesus alone, and it’s challenging.

I thought my wife would adore me and think I was awesome for decades, but the tides turn don’t they men?

How about I finish with a bullet list for prayer?  

  • I’ve been asked to share in Havana, Cuba in March at an underground event. Emerging youth professionals, business and creative types.  Several from Ukraine have been asked, because of the post-communist context.  I’m praying about this, would you pray for me?
  • YWAM has invited us to share this April at their Russian conference in Far East Vladivostock.  It’s with our friend Elsa – it’s SO far and not cheap, pray please.
  • YFM students here with us, they’ve started some new clubs, meetings, and beginning to connect on deeper level with college students.  Pray for fruit, health, unity.
  • We are connecting for coffee with the fashion designers we met last week.  Neat couple, and hoping to partner in someway that allows a few of our YFM girls to intern/serve them this spring.  Could be a really cool thing for everyone.
  • March 6 we have an important meeting among potential partners for Kiev Creative Platform.  They include Steiger, YWAM, OM, Christian Vision, HFO, and more.  I believe God is strategically positioning things for a united network to journey through this together, and he’s using our family and charity/supporters as a major conduit of this effort.  A lot of hunger and willingness to lay aside party lines for the good of the next generation.  This could be an amazing model to show other major cities how to work together, and possibly through this group start more platforms.  Wisdom, really asking for this.
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Fashion Design?

I’m amazed at how quickly the Ukrainian emerging church is seeing how they can use their profession and natural talents for mission.

Tonight, some of us are visiting Kiev at the invitation of some friends to meet a couple that has their own clothing line.  This young couple has not only become quite famous here in Ukraine, but is even producing fashion shows in Kiev, and now even invited to Paris.

Their heart is to promote Christ through their business, and use their platform for His fame.  I’m taking some of the YFM students with me, and have heard that they too are very interested in combining forces in a creative space in Kiev.

You can check them out here – or on instagram @komashnya

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YFM returns!

This week we received three of the YFM students ‘on mission’ from Minsk.  Adrienne, our only US student will arrive later this week.  I’m excited to see how the Lord uses them build relationships and connect to existing and new students in our town.

Our goal with this team over the next 3 months is to help them see how natural and easy it is to love people.  We will give them space, physically at the Cafe, but also metaphorical room to pray, dream and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit.

So many in Christendom think in terms of projects or outreaches when it comes to ‘mission.’ Religion has a 3 step plan to share the good news, with an end goal of getting folks into our organized church and ministries.  Jesus saw people as the end, not just a means.

Please pray for our YFM team!  They will be sharing tomorrow at a local college and inviting students to their first idea – an English club meets creative night for girls only (think hair, nails, make-up, coffee, and lots of silly).

We’ll also be hosting at our guest house this weekend 25 from Steiger Ukraine as they plan & pray.

Few other prayer points!

  • Creative space in Kiev
  • Mir Ministries Leadership (updates)
  • Housing in Kiev for YFM team
  • February student ministry via Lighthouse
  • Lit St. Petersburg, promos, logistics, 3 weeks to go!
  • Parents visit this week

Bruce & Deb

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Big February Coming Up!

In a few weeks we’ll be receiving our YFM team from Belarus/US. We’re excited to begin the Spring semester with them here in Ukraine, and see how God uses them to connect and bring the love of Jesus to their generation.

We’ve begun exploring some regions in Kiev, near Universities where we believe God is leading us to start the next Lighthouse platform. Looking at a major City is quite daunting, but it’s time to take advantage of the freedoms in Ukraine – after 3 months in Belarus, we appreciate them so much more!

Please be praying with us about a creative space, and wisdom as we engage Kiev partners and form strategy for the Spring.  I just got off the phone with Ken Steorts (co-founder band Skillet), who we’re partnering with already in Belarus (Visible Music College). He’s planning to join us this summer on some projects, with the hope of sharing resources and opportunities to engage culture even more.  I can see the potential for their courses, which are already being translated to Russian and online, being made available in conjunction with our space, and even the Lit Worship events.

It’s dangerous when vision guys get their heads and hearts together – we start looking for the gifted administrators!

We’re almost finished lining up the worship event LIT for this February in St. Petersburg, Russia!  I need to be careful what we post online, but at the same time it’s super cool and we want to share our excitement.  We’re bringing in our friend Charisah (her website) from few years ago YWAM trip, as well as Collins (his blog) again, and XDH Minsk to join local Russian bands that I’ve heard are very excited (and talented).

Peter is in Russia all next week teaching, and finalizing more details with partners for event. Please pray for him! He’s invaluable to carefully organizing, being ‘legal’ as a music event and building relational bridges within the body of Christ.

We’ve raised 80% of the budget needs – if you feel led to help towards the remaining $2k we need, please click here!

All of the artists, and our staff are volunteers. The event itself is 100% free. Our vision is to circle back to these hubs next year, and make them more relational and educational in a weekend format, with break-out sessions, and creative ways to share the Gospel more deeply.

We have a ton of snow again – it feels like the 3rd winter in as many months.  Thankful for a warm toasty home, and so far, stable electricity.  The younger kids love the snow, especially Claire – it’s about up to her armpits. Thanks for checking in!

Not been able to keep updating the blog as much as in the past –  I’ve been spending more time updating our email list – if you aren’t on that list, and would like to be, send me your email!

Loving the emerging community here at Lighthouse, from the families and students gathering in formal and informal times of prayer, study, and just plain fun.

We’re witnessing in others, and in ourselves, a growing hunger for transparent, vulnerable, raw communion around Jesus and mission.

Bruce & Deb

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